Who we are

We are a team of professionals coming from different parts of the world, united to provide the best service for our clients. Our international background give us the opportunity to create different perspectives to find one perfect solution.

Each one of us has experience working for start ups, family and multinational companies, local and international enviroments so we know how to take advantage of any situation, work rationaly regarding budgets and expectations. We listen and then we act. 

Our expertise includes Business Development, Marketing, Digital Services, PR & Communications.


Germán Inostroza
Rita Buda



One thought on “Who we are

  1. German, me interesa tu proyecto publicado aqui. Me gustaria conversar Contigo acerca de posible alianza. Estamos en la proxima apertura de varios proyectos (con sus respectivos espacios en Internet) acerca de Real Estate, Luxury Marketing, LifeStyle, Viajes y Vida Urbana. Espero tu feedback! Gracias y mantente en contacto a traves de: @LuxuryClub_cc , @TweetingLuxe o @Ultimate_Luxury ..


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